New Cover Video – Adele – Hello

We finally got a chance to get into the studio to make a video for you all! This is our cover of Adele – Hello (with a rap!) and we hope you all like it. Remember to subscribe and hopefully we’ll see you on our upcoming UK and Europe tour!

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Bars and Melody – Talk About Bullying And The#BeStrong Anti-Bullying Emoji

Today we answered a bunch of your questions on twitter all about bullying and the #BeStrong Anti-bullying emoji from Vodafone.

For each view, like and direct share of this video, the Vodafone Foundation will donate £1 up to a maximum of £100,000 to the following charities: The Diana Award, ISPCC, Pantallas Amigas, NetSafe, E-Bezpeci, and The Smile of the Child. The maximum amount of £100,000 includes views and likes of Vodafone’s emoji messages, this video and other supporting videos through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube until 20th February 2016.

Download the #BeStrong keyboard in the App Store and on Google Play or find the #BeStrong emojis on the Imoji app (and keyboard).

This video is sponsored by Vodafone, creator of the #BeStrong emojis and the #BeStrong resources for schools.

If you’re suffering from bullying or know someone who is, it’s important to speak to someone you trust. Please visit the below for advice/support:


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